About me

I am a 23 year old outdoorsy kinda gal from Alberta. I am passionate about shopping at small local owned business, supporting free trade businesses, and I love buying from small apothecary artisan type companies, I also just happen to love anything to do with organic, and natural beauty products and don't mind spending a little free time researching the latest makeup and skin care or even everyday house hold items that are out there that are chock full of awesome ingredients that are good for you inside and out! I even make sure to try to stay as natural as possible when it comes to my animals, which is also one of greatest passions! I have two horses that I enjoy competing with, three cats and a dog!  I am also working towards becoming a vet technical assistant! 


What made you decide to go all natural?

My decision to go all natural was out of necessity, but I have always had a passion for being cruelty free and eco friendly. I have an autoimmune disease that requires me to be on very potent medication that I take daily, I also receive IV infusions every six weeks. These medications help me to have a better quality of life and control my symptoms and keep my condition from getting worse, the down side is knowing the ingredients and all the harmful side effects they can have, that's when I decided I needed to cut out all the unnessesary harmful chemicals and toxins in my life that I possibly can. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! Going natural is a long process and I have just started out by taking baby steps!

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