Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Earthpaste-Amazingly Natural Toothpaste: A Review

     After researching alternatives to conventional toothpastes and reading many reviews and watching several videos, in which Earthpaste was featured in a considerable amount of, I decided to quit my conventional toothpaste cold turkey, no toe dipping for this girl. I jumped in with both feet which resulted in my very first purchase of a completely all natural toothpaste, Earthpaste.

About Earthpaste:
"Earthpaste began because we couldn’t find a natural toothpaste we loved for our families. We wanted a toothpaste that was as natural as possible, so we started with hydrated Redmond Clay and added Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. And that’s it. Earthpaste is amazingly natural toothpaste 
     Earthpaste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives. It’s toothpaste unlike any other you’ve experienced – you’ll see the difference on your brush and feel the diference in your mouth. 
     Earthpaste’s list of ingredients is unique, but the things we left out are just as important. Most brands of toothpaste contain foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), and chemicals like titanium dioxide to make the paste bright white. Not Earthpaste. It isn’t just safe to swallow – each ingredient in Earthpaste has been used to support healthy systems."
     Part of what sold me on Earthpaste was that there was only 5 ingredients, and essential oils all of the safe and completely natural. Let's take a look shall we?!
"Ingredients: Purrified water - To hydrate the clay into a creamy paste.
Food Grade Redmond Clay - A polishing cleanser with antibacterial properties that have been used for centuries to promote digestive health.
Xylitol - A natural sweetener that has shown to promote healthy teeth.
Redmond Real Salt - To enhance the flavour and lend antibacterial properties associated with sea salt.
Tea Tree Oil - A natural, essential oil, commonly used to promote healthy skin, supports oral health with excellent anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
Menthol - Found in peppermint and wintergreen Earthpaste, leaves your breath fresh and mouth feeling clean.
Essential oils
These oils are used for favouring and a wide variety of other health benefits listed below.
Peppermint - Will make your breath smell fresh, and its wildly used to promote stress relief and support digestion.
Wintergreen - Lends a sweet, minty flavour and has been used to promote dental health.
Cinnamon - Brings a familiar, spicy flavour along with its reputation as an antioxidant used to promote healthy immune function."
                                                On to the review!
     First of all I want to say that I am in LOVE with this toothpaste! It's pretty much the same as conventional toothpaste in the sense that that it comes in a tube and a box, but the similarities end there! Earthpaste comes in 5 unique flavours, Cinnamon, Lemon Twist, Spearmint, Peppermint, and finally Wintergreen their newest flavour.
      I am extremely sensitive when it comes to taste and texture so Peppermint was an obvious no brainer, plus I found it oddly comforting to have something familiar be carried over from my old toothpaste to a new healthier version. Yeah I am kind of nostalgic like that give me a break change isn't always easy! When it comes to toothpaste I often find that the peppermint can be much too strong and with that comes an unfortunate burning sensation. With Earthpaste I am extremely glad to say that, that is not the case at all. The peppermint Is gentle, yet it still gives you that minty fresh clean feeling that your probably more accustomed to. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I could drink anything afterwards and not get a funky aftertaste. Earthpaste one, conventional toothpaste zero.
     I'll I was slightly concerned about the fact that Earthpaste does not foam, but what it does do is increase saliva production so I find that the paste glides effortlessly across your teeth. Increased saliva production is also a plus as it helps keep your teeth a lot cleaner while you sleep. Fear not increased saliva production does not mean you'll be a drooling zombie. Do zombies drool?
     As I mentioned earlier I am extremely sensitive to taste and texture. I am not all adventurous when it comes to food, I like to stick to what I know. The root of this stemming from severe childhood allergies, I have since outgrown. As previously mentioned Earthpaste has very few similarities to conventional toothpastes. One major extremely noticeable difference is that it's BROWN. 
My reaction went a little something like this..
Mind over matter people. Mind over matter.

     In all seriousness though, this is an awesome toothpaste! I really thought that switching from my conventional toothpaste, was going to be difficult that parting with the minty, foaming, and whitening goodness that is conventional toothpast would just be to much for me to handle. I am glad to say that was not the case. 
     Earthpaste cleans your teeth just as good or even better in my humble as it may be be, opnion. My sensitivities to hot and cold are gone, I have even noticed some yellow stains (left over from braces) are slowly disappearing (if your worried about whitening you can always add some backing soda to your routine once in a while) I also don't smoke, or drink coffee, wine or alcohol so that definitely helps with preventing any staining.
      In general my teeth just feel healthier cleaner and stronger, I find I even look forward to brushing. It just seems more fun and exciting when you know it's good for you, that your not putting your health at risk.
     I will definitely repurchase when finished! I purchased mine at a local health food store, check out the store nearest to you or find it online! Have you tried Earthpaste, or any other natural paste options? Let me know I'd love hear about them! 

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  1. Would this work on really sensitive teeth? I used to be bulimic many years ago and my teeth have sustained acid damage. Currently I use sensodyne, but if I switch to another brand, even if I breathe in cold air, it is so sore!