Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tassi - Keep Your Hair Outta There!

Tassi hair wrap

What is it....It's a bird it's s plane! Come on guys lets get serious.. it's a  head scarf? A Giant scrunchie!? Nope, it's a Tassie.


     Picture this, you've just finished doing your hair, every touseled wave is perfectly in place, no strays and no frizz in sight! Dilemma, it's makeup time. Your hair is in your face. Do you resort to A. Hair elastic, B. Your giant claw hair clip, C. A head band. While mulling over your options, you start to day dream.. Memories come flying back, images are flying at you from every angle, your perfectly mastered hair, your work of art! You smile, suddenly the picture changes, your once perfectly mastered work of art ruined!! CRIMPS,DENTS, FLAT SPOTS, FLY AWAYS and FRIZZ is all that's to be seen, oh the horror ! All you wanted was to keep your hair out of your face! Is that to much to ask!! How could so much damage be caused by these tiny convenient hair accessories!!? You come to the conclusion of D. none of the above.
     Enter the Tassie, the perfect hair accessory for pretty much everything, meaning everything or anything to do with doing stuff to your face, while gently keeping your hair back and out of your face while not ruining your hairstyle. Whether you're doing your makeup and you don't want to ruin your hair do, or washing your face, you don't want to get your hair wet right!? Especially if your going to try for perfect second day hair, or you simply don't want your hair to get all gross and yucky while treating your self to the perfect face mask. Is this all really possible you ask? Believe me it's true! Cue the angelic singing...
   Conclusion, I am in love! Need I say more? Where can you get one of these awesome hair out of your face holders?  I happend to get mine at Winners for $7.99, it was one of those on a whim, spontaneous shopping trips, I really only planned on window shopping but happened upon the the small little container filled with some orange goodness that seemed slightly familiar, turns out I had just seen it on a YouTube video a few days before. Coincidence I think not, must have been destiny. But not really. But you can head on  over to they have tuns of colours and some cute patterns to choose from for  $12.99


  1. Best thing of life! A fellow blogger sent me one, I loved it so much that iI bought myself another. Great post!

    1. Isn't it! I still use it almost daily :)