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Battle Of The Zit Zappers: Episode One - Eco. Aroma Pimple Clear 100% Natural

Eco. Pimple Clear
10 mL
0.30 fl.oz.

ECO. Pimple Clear
     "The powerful ECO. Pimple Clear is an acne treatment, containing Tea Tree Oil, which is known for it’s antibacterial and soothing properties, along with its ability to prevent sebum build up which can cause pimples.
Paired with Lavender Essential Oil, the ECO. Pimple Clear treatment serum helps to heal and calm breakout areas to promote a clear and calm complexion. 
With its natural formula, Pimple Clear is the perfect choice for those seeking caring formulas for their skin, free from irritating chemicals." -
     Thanks for tuning into the very first episode of Battle Of The Zit Zappers, A Three Part Series!  I am so excited to share this very first episode with you all (okay, I am a little beyond excited at this point!) Alright I'll put you out of your misery, cause I am sure the suspense is killing you! In this post I'll be featuring my very first 100% All Natural product! And it just also happens to be my favourite one in this series!
     Now I wasn't in the market for another zit zapper as I already have two that work just EH you know so, so, but I definitely wasn't opposed to buying another (I just don't like wasting product) So when I saw this on the shelf (I am pretty sure it was calling out to me) and for only $9.99 I happily decided to add it to my collection. I anxiously watched the hours tick by (slowly) until the evening rolled around, when I could finally dig into this tiny (self proclaimed by myself "hope in a jar") I know, that's a lot of pressure to put on something you've never tried before but for some reason or other my hopes where high. I just had a good feeling about it. Am I psychic? No. I guess you could call it good intuition.
     I anxiously arose the next morning in search of the closest mirror, and made a mad dash to the bathroom. I quickly examined each inch of my face in my tiny magnified mirror, you know the kind that magnifies each imperfection by ten times and makes you go slightly crazy. Looking upon my reflection I was completely satisfied, no these tiny little mountains of insecurity did not just magically disappear over night. This tiny jar of hope had brought all the nasty little impurities in my skin to the surface in just one night, something all my past zit zappers had failed to do in just that short amount of time. Yep you heard right, tiny heads had been brought to the surface over night, normally it takes days or sometimes even up to a week for that to happen. Within in four days the heads where completely dried out and these tiny mountains were well on their way to becoming none existent, the swelling was going down and the redness fading! I have often found that anything I have used in the past severely dried out my skin around the blemish, and often had little effect on the blemish itself, that or it would take quite some time to even notice a difference. This didn't dry out my skin at all, just the pesky little blemish itself! It's definitely gentle enough to use on my sensitive skin, I actually accidentally got it on a small patch of psoriasis that I have on my face and received no adverse side effects in fact quite the opposite happened the Eco. Pimple Clear had actually managed to clear and heal the small patch!  I have definitely found my HG zit zapper and highly recommend it!

Small update:
     I have a quick small update for you guys! I am still using the Eco. Pimple Clear, and you bet, I am still loving it! The other day a massive mountain worked its way up to the surface over night, let me tell you it was awful and painful so I did the forbidden, forgive me but this was one that just had to go. The deed was done, that sucker had been made to erupt. I'll spare you the gory details (your welcome) Not to worry though, I had my hope in a bottle at my side ready at a moment's notice, and when it's moment came let me tell you this guy shined bright! I put it on before bed, woke up the next morning and you could barly tell that anything had been there all! It continued to work it's magic in the following days, there was nothing left to be seen, not even a scar! MAGIC
      Now onto the product it's self. Eco. Pimple Clear comes in a small tinted glass bottle. Once the seal is broken it has a shelf life of two years, and should be stored in a dark place below 30°C Many blemish healers are either a gel, a cream or a lotion Eco. Pimple Clear is an oil that smells quite medicinal, but the smell wears off after a while, you can use it morning or night just be sure to give your self enough time to let the smell wear off before heading out. This oil is on the thinner side and melts into your skin quickly. It contains only two pure ingredients, tee tree oil and lavender oil. I have never heard of lavender being used for acne before, but knew of its healing properties. Now that I have tried it, I can't wait to get my hands on some more lavender goodness!
(Keep in mind this product is not made to battle psoriasis, nor does it claim to it is strictly marketed toward healing pimples and just because it healed my small patch does not mean it could heal yours. Use at your own discretion)

I purchased my bottle at winners for $9.99 You can hop on over to and grab a bottle for self, or for whoever, your mom, sister, cousin, aunt.. whatever! Just go get it! Oh did I mention the price? $18.00 And as always, Note: Prices may vairy from retailer to retailer.

Apply directly to break out areas of concern after cleansing.

Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

What Lavender Can Do For You
  • Known for it's calming property's
  • Contains several antibacterial compounds
  • Can be used as a salve for burns
  • A cleanser for cuts and abrasions 
  • Has been known to accelerate the healing process of wounds and so on
Have you ever tried lavender products before? What would you recommend?

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